Veterinary Biostatistics (English Edition) por Sreenivasaiah P.V.

January 24, 2020

Veterinary Biostatistics (English Edition) por Sreenivasaiah P.V.
Titulo del libro : Veterinary Biostatistics (English Edition)
Autor : Sreenivasaiah P.V.
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 8, 2018

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Scientific research involves proper setting-up of plan of work to suit the objectives of the experiment. Selection of experimental subjects (animals), design of the experiment on which the research data are collected, analysis and interpretation of the data so obtained have to be scientific and as per norms so that the results are not only acceptable but also repeatable with known “confidence”.
Veterinary and animal science research workers may not have a background of mathematics that is required to understand intricate details of statistics, especially the derivations of the formulae and understanding statistical notations. This is further compounded by the fact that most of the books discuss examples from fields other than veterinary and animal science. Ready-to- use computer software for statistical analysis of data has only complicated the matter further; the results of the research work are obtained “mechanically” and the veterinary and animal science workers can hardly “feel” the data and, consequently, the results.
In fact, there is a no substitute for actual analysis of data on a scientific calculator. Therefore, examples exclusively on veterinary and animal science fields with calculations done only on scientific calculator (with statistics mode; except in case of “multivariate analysis”) are the unique features of the book. Further, some of the statistical procedures are employed more frequently in some of the veterinary science fields. Hence, they are separately dealt in the chapter “Statistics in Specific Veterinary Fields”.
This book will greatly help veterinary and animal science workers to plan, design, analyse and interpret data with more confidence.
This book is unique being a biostatistics book written by a veterinarian with examples exclusively from different fields of veterinary and animal sciences. It is expected to serve as a ready reference for undergraduate/postgraduate students as well as all research personnel in biological sciences, in general, and those in the fields of veterinary and animal science, in particular. That the second edition of the book is being published is an ample testimony for its acceptance by the scientific community.